Center for Training and Development by Travelling Internet was established with the sole purpose of providing services that are unique and can leave a mark of excellence.


We accomplish this due to our most valuable assets, which is our people.

Knowledge – Experience – Communication

Knowledge is what they have acquired from prestigious higher educational institutions and extensive informal training.

Multi level and cross cultural Experience is a quality our people have acquired and have  demonstrated with highly successful career paths at leading companies throughout the world.

Finally, their Communication skills are of the highest level, so they can be  effective and efficient and most of all leave a mark…make the difference.

Among the services we offer are seminars and consulting.

Seminars and training courses are designed by our facilitators to be unique, contemporary and employ the most cutting edge technology/know-how to make the learning experience memorable.

We also provide consulting services that cover all aspects of the contemporary business cycle and vary depending on the individual needs.